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Estee Lauder: Makeup Saviour

How a plain looking bottle of foundation delivered unexpected results.

We love make up and not just the regular “Oooo I need makeup so i’ll get some”, we love make up in a way that getting the right primer to the final lipgloss is discussed like art (make up is an art). A cupboard full of foundation bottles just because we wanted to try it is how much we love make up!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Make up is one such foundation, living in a city that is always HOT with a schedule that is always tight we’ve come to understand that we need make up that lasts all day long and if it fails to deliver, well then it’s time to break up.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place foundation was one relationship that we held onto.

What the company promises:

A 15-hour, flawless foundation that stays looking fresh and natural through heat, humidity, and nonstop activity.


Well we did not need to hear more, from picking it up at the store to placing it in my Gucci Sylvie Leather Bag our beautiful relationship began.

Keeping my oily skin in mind I applied a light primer recommended by my dermatogolist and using my hands put some foundation on my face.

I am a sucker for beauty blenders so I used a slightly damp beauty blender from Forever21 to dab the foundation covering all areas of my face and neck. (Many forget to apply it on your neck area but it’s important you do so, unless you want to look two toned and avoid all kinds of didn’t think so either)

Result? I’ll let the comments answer

12pm(Receptionist): “You look very fresh”

2:00pm (Post lunch when i’m almost sleepy): “You don’t look tired at all”

6:00pm(Office Colleague): “Heading somewhere special today?”

9:00pm (Mom): “Are you coming from back from a party?You look pretty fresh, did you go to work?”

In short: It lasted ALL DAY LONG! Beautifully covered my under eye circles, blemishes and stayed on like a second skin. Does not feel heavy on your skin at all and keeps you looking fresh with very little product.

This is one relationship I am holding onto for a very long time, you should try it too.

Tip: Get the foundation that matches your skin, check it under white lights and keep the patch on a little while to see how well it suits your skin.

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Tell us which is your current go to foundation in the comment section below.

Until next time 🙂 

Team WabiSabi 🙂

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