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Tripping in Paris !

Hellooooooooo !

I went tripping to Paris with my husband and my boss thinks I should totally write about it, so here goes my first article.

Last summer, my husband and I visited “La Ville Lumiere” or “The City of Light” in May. We spent a week in Paris and a night in Bruges. Given the perfect mix of architecture, history, food, culture and fashion that Paris has to offer, spending a week there made us feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface!

So here are a few tips for anyone trying to make the most of their visit to this magnificent city!

A few key areas I would recommend visiting include Champs De Elysees, Le Marais, the Seine River, Monte Marte and Latin Quarter among others.

Areas/Places to see:

Champs de Elysees is the high-fashion street of Paris, which is filled with numerous luxury stores, cute cafes with the historic Arc De Triumphe on one end, which was built to honor Napoleon Bonaparte. Exploring this street on foot was an unforgettable experience etched in my memory.

Most luxury brands in Paris such as Louis Vuitton and Bottega Venetta are atleast twenty percent cheaper than the rest of the world, and with the VAT refund you could save some more! So if you’re feeling a little indulgent, Paris is the place to spoil yourself. On the other hand, if you are looking for some good discounts on high-end brands, make a trip to the Outlet Mall La Vallee Village; a forty minute ride from the city.

champs de elysees.jpg

A quick tip: If you want to make the most of your Paris trip, live close to a metro station given that the taxis are quite expensive.

Some interesting things to do at the Champs include

Catching a show of the Lido

Dining at my favourite Asian restaurant/lounge Koh. Incase you’re looking to grab a quick bite at a fast-food Italian joint, I would recommend Vapiano.

Le Marais is a labyrinth of cobblestone alleys; much like a West Village in Manhattan. Le Marias is flooded with hip designers, wine shops, old fashioned bread and desert shops. Le Marais is the place where you could look to buy some good paintings off the street.

If you’re looking for an amazing, wholesome breakfast which is freshly prepared, I would highly recommend Bob’s Kitchen. There avocado bagel and coffee is to die for. Looking for some great Falafel? Stop by at Las Du Falafel – they are probably better than the ones you have in Instanbul.


If you are an art lover, then definitely stop by at Musee Du Louvre. If you want to skip the long lines, book tickets online. To explore the museum in its entirety, allocate atleast five hours for your visit.

The Luxemburg Garden, River Seine Night Cruise, the Eiffel tower tour all the way to the top floor and Montemarte are other places to visit/things to do!

If you enjoy your dessert, then don’t forget to stop by at Angelina Paris for the best hot chocolate and macarons in town!

angelina paris.jpg

Sooooo i’m saying, I am pumped to write this article and want to know if you guys have any other recommendations for our travel?

Tell us in the comments below 🙂



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