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Nespresso On!

We got gifted a Nespresso Machine for our birthday!!!!
You all know that we are obsessed with coffee and this birthday gift was the best ever, so we decided to review it.

The machine we got is the CITIZ&MILK CHERRY RED COFFEE MACHINE, it has an integrated milk frother and it is an absolute dream! We assembled it in 10 mins and next we were deciding what to have.


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Plus Point:
Super EASY to use and you can make a variety of different coffees with it.

T​he machine comes with pods​ so we had a variety of different flavours to choose from.
​In addition they sent us the Nespresso Limited Edition Iced Capsules; Intenso on Ice!!​ *ice ice baby*
So with this machine you can either make your cuppa with a espresso (single shot) or a lungo (double shot), the coffee though is hot when its poured from the machine.
The frother is amazing, it has demarkations to tell you how much milk to pour for a latte or for a capuccino and it heats the milk or it can cool it based on your requirement. (Our team loves the cold one though, boss you the best!)
​We each tried a coffee,
Hot ‘Livanto’ capuccino flavour:
​This is the caramel flavour so it is a little sweet. The blend of Central and South American Arabicas is medium roast and it brings out a very balanced flavour. It isn’t too strong and has that yummy freshly brewed smell!
Intenso On Ice!
This was a bit strong for my taste but it was appreciated by the rest of the team. The Iced coffee though was very smooth and we added some frothed milk to the mix.
Coffee ice on
To keep your machine clean ensure you buy the Descaling Kit and use it after every 100 pods to clean the machine.
Other than that it easy to maintain you just need to wash the frother and the pod despenser whenever you use it.
​And to store all the pods I have bought the ​Touch Sleeve Dispenser!
Which coffee do you prefer? Tell us in the comments below!
Until Next Time,
Team WabiSabi

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