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Shoes: Hero of your outfit!

Hello Lovelies!
So after we listed all our favourite shoes. Incase you missed it click here “Shoes you’ve got to love”
We put our heads together to understand if you don’t want to invest in really expensive shoes what are the different things you could do to Make your shoes stand out!!
So we tried a couple of different styles and did some research, here’s what we found out.
1- Whenever you wear a sold dark colour dress, a pair of contrast heels will do the job to make your outfit look formal and chic.
2- To make a statement with your shoes you can always add a rhinestone or lace shoe clips. Absolutely Audrey has some amazing ones
2- Incase of ankle tie up shoes. You can replace the normal ties with beautiful silk scarfs or ribbons.
ribbon shoes.jpg
3- If you aren’t a heels type of a girl you can always pair a cute dress with sneakers. This is always a hit!
sneakers dress
4- If you love slippers and want to spruce your slippers up. Have a look at this:
You can add whatever you like on the slippers, PomPoms, Rhinestones etc.
5- For sneaker lovers you can up your sneaker game by adding funky stickers to solid colour shoes.
6- Sometimes a statement anklet can also add the Oomph to your shoes!
Have you tried any of these? Or any other suggestions? Comment below!!

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