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Hot Springs at Rotorua: Review

Sooo it’s winter and as usual we were cold (okay, maybe nobody was and I just wanted to go out) so we thought let’s go to a quiet place, learn something as well as enjoy a nice hot pool spa.

So we headed to Rotorua, New Zealand to first learn about the Hot Springs, an amazing experience learning from the Maori Tribe at Maori Village about these natural hot water geysers, their benefits for skin, hair and body.

Whakarewarewa is a Maori Village that takes care of these hot water geysers, they cook, clean, wash using these waters. Their culture and religion revolves around taking care of nature and growing along with it. They also have a café where food is cooked from these water geysers and served to you.

They insist on taking a steam from these geysers, it smoothens up your skin and when taken on any affected area cleans and repairs it.


Moving onto the hot water spa we took, we had an amazing experience at Polynesian Spa. We opted for a private room, lake view and voila all of my skin pigmentation was gone, skin felt more soft and smooth, and I was not cold anymore!

They have a public pool too which you can stay in for all the time you wish to, though it is recommended that you stay in these natural hot water geysers for only 1 hour as it dehydrates you immediately.

This was the room to our private pool, cold breeze and hot water that freshens you up with a beautiful lakeside view.

private room


Below is the image of the Public pools, you can stay here with your group of friends and just enjoy the relaxing view.

Polynesian Spa.  Thermal hot springs and health spa. Rotorua, New Zealand

To conclude, we had an amazing time at the spa as well as learned a bit about the natural hot water springs, took use of their benefits for our skin and had an amazing time.

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  1. Nice post! Sounds like a great place to spend a day. How was your room? Also, I’d love to know more about what the hot springs did to your skin. How do you feel it helped?

    • Hi Zac, the room was fabulous. They upgraded us to a private room! The service was impeccable.
      The springs were extremely clean. I had back pigmentation and itchy skin for two months before this trip, but after the Hot springs bath it cleared up!
      Im headed to the blue lagoon in the end of this month. Do follow us for updates on that!
      Hope this helps!

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