Self Drive: New Zealand

Hiiiiiii guyssss….

I wrote about my amazing Spa experience in New Zealand, here i’m going to be talking about the best experience I had there: Self Drive!


Nothing like driving through smooth clean roads with green plush gardens full of farm animals in scenic backdrop.


Auckland —- Rotorua —- Te Anua –flight to– Queenstown —- Wanaka —- Franz Josef


We drove all the way from Auckland airport to Rotorua lake, to Te Anua. Our car was rented from Apex Car Rentals, their customer service was nothing but amazing.

Driving through these small towns we faced issues with parking, google maps helped find our locations.

You have to take a flight from Auckland for Queenstown, which means you go to Te Anua and come back to Auckland for your flight, in Queenstown we had the most amazing time, driving from Queens town to Wanaka, sitting by the lake on your car bumper with take away food and silence and driving to Franz Josef was a moment I will cherish forever.



Stay tune for more of our updates on New Zealand here.

Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi


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