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10 Amazing things to experience this 2018!

We’ve listed down experiences you’d want to have this year!

  1. Rann Utsav, KutchAC60C536-670F-4236-BABD-D4B393A5AED2

A festival full of lights, colour, visuals that will mesmerise you and natural beauty of white sand.

2. Northern Lights


Beautiful scenic views and cool nights, what more could you want to get convinced?

3. Iceland


Lush greenery and natural beauty, Iceland is a place to visit this year!

4. Football match in Russia


Drink like a russian, watch with the russians too. Full of energy football matches which will get your blood rushing, must have experience!

5. Cruise to Greece


Greece a place of beauty, party as well as historic views to entice you.

6. China (South, North can be icy still)


Walk on the wall that has history running through each step

7. Dominican Republic


Sip on some cocktails, sunbathe on the beach.

8. New Zealand Adventures


We’ve said it before, this place is amazing. Adventures, Fun and scenic views, must visit place.

9. Learn to fly a plane


This is an experience we recommend you try once, a few lessons and you can feel like the king of the world!

10. Winter Olympics


Go this 2018 December to watch the Winter Olympics.


Have you tried any? Tell us in the comments below!

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