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Hair Products for coloured hair

So here’s what happened, I got my hair coloured and then was told about the various kinds of damage I have opened my hair to.. tsk tsk.. I had to search for the perfect shampoo.

Here are our Top 5 picks for coloured hair shampo:

  1. BedHead Colour Goddess Shampoo


2. Morroccon Oil Repair Shampoo


3. Satinique glossy repair shampoo


4. Aussie Dual Personality Colored Hair Shampoo + Hair Serum


5.Philip Ingsley Coloured Hair Shampoo



These 5 shampoos help repair as well as protect your hair from further damage, keep them shining just like the day you first got that colour done.

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  1. I second the Bed Head product! Love love love it! Great post
    I would love for you to check out my latest blog post and blog (I’ve also got a giveaway happening I think you will like) 🙂

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