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Travel Essentials For A Long Flight

If you are a restless traveler like me, who can maybe when they are very lucky get 3-5 hours of sleep and continuously needs entertainment then this Travel Essential Guide is just foryou!
1. Phone Charging Case
I find this essential as when i’m bored i play games and if i’m lucky and there is Wi-Fi on the plane then that battery will get drained. So when packing your bag ensure you have a fully charged phone charging case.
2. An iPad
My second go-to is an iPad as along with shows that i can preload, or thank god for the download option on Netflix! i can even read a book through kindle. So if you don’t mind reading books on a screen then this is a must carry.
3. Head Phones
I Always Always prefer to carry my own headphones.
4. Eye Mask & Ear Plugs
So you will have to sleep to ensure you aren’t groggy when you land. So to help you sleep ensure you carry an eye mask and ear plugs. 
5. Snacks
Yes, they do provide you with food on your flight. However if you love to munch like me and constantly crave something savoury along with something sweet, then carrying your own snacks is an absolute must! I recommend a small pack of Bark Thins (for something sweet, yet not too fattening) and Vegetable Chips (for something savoury yet healthy)
6. An oversize scarf
It gets chilly on a plain and to ensure you feel comfortable an oversize scarf can double up as a blanket!
7. Toothbrush and mini toothpaste
I don’t think we need to explain this one 😀
8. Hand Sanitiser & Wet Wipes
To keep your hands germ free!
9. Mint
To keep your breath minty-fresh throughout the flight!
10. Face Mist
I love carrying a small face mist (this is in my bag even when i don’t travel) it’s such an essential for those long flights to ensure your skin gets the care and hydration it needs
11. Travel size Perfume
To ensure you smell amazing even after your long flight!
12. Basic Make Up (Lip Balm/Lipstick, Mascara, Blush & Foundation)
To ensure you get off the light in style! 
Some Additional Tips for the flight:
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Stay well hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout.
  • Layer up!  The temperature drops at 30,000 feet, a blanket won’t be enough to keep you warm so wear thick sweater or jumper, and bring a beanie for head cold.
If you have any tips or feel that we should add something to our list COMMENT BELOW!

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