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Swim Wear brands you must know about!

Summer is upon us again! Its getting hot in here so take off all your clothes and get into that swimwear!!!
Well to help you select the from best swimwear brands we at Wabisabi have compiled our list of the BEST swimwear brands out there! So to get your tan on select any from the below list!!!
If you are going for something simple yet sophisticated this season then ‘Fella’ is for you!
It’s a fusion between luxury swim, lingerie and active wear!
Australia does have the best swimwear in the world and Seafolly is one of their prized swim wears that have been available since 1975.
One of Australia’s leading swimwear brands, Baku provides a range of swimwear unlike any other. With a significant range of flattering swimwear, you’re bound to find something that you love.
4) Minkpink
If you want something trendy and fashionable, something thats cool and fun thenthen Minkpink is for you!
5) ACK
If you are in the look out for something functional yet feminine then ACK is for you. A brand made entirely in Italy is taking the world over!
5 (2).jpg
Don’t forget your sunscreen! and do tag us with #wabisabisummerlove to get featured!
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