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Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Winter

If you are visiting Iceland then going to the Blue Lagoon should be on your list. Its milky blue water with steam rising just above it, makes you feel like you are on another planet!


We spent my birthday there and it was a very relaxing day indeed!
Some Facts that i learned about the Blue Lagoon:

  • The Blue Lagoon is actually a manmade lagoon; it was created by accident as a by product of drilling for electricity & hot water.
  • The geothermal water features three active ingredients: Silica, Algae & Minerals.

  • The water actually is milky white it looks blue because of the sun!
  • The water temperature is 37-40°C (98-104°F), year-round.

You can spend the entire day at the Blue Lagoon, they have saunas, massages, steam rooms, a waterfall and you can use as much of the FREE silica mud as you want located conveniently around the Lagoon.


We enjoyed the drive till the lagoon as well. The lagoon is around 30 mins from Reykjavik. My husband was nervous driving and that is why it made perfect sense to test the waters by driving till the Blue Lagoon. This gave him the confidence for the drive around the Golden Circle the next day!

The lagoon is beautiful! It was -3 degrees outside the lagoon but the water inside was a good +37 degrees that kept you warm. It was quite an experience being in neck deep water in a our bathing suits outside in the winter. But i guess you can only experience something so amazing in Iceland!


So you can pre-book your package and they have 2 options for this. We had booked the Comfort (basic) package in which you got a free drink, a towel and the entrance. Do remember we went to the Blue Lagoon in winter and therefore Robes & Slippers are a must. We did carry our own robes which was fine however we had to buy the slippers from there in the end cause it was too cold to be outside the lagoon without either.

Pros & Cons

So the minerals in the water are amazing for your skin, however they did not suit my hair at all. Even though as instructed by the Blue Lagoon staff i put a ton of conditioner on my hair. It was rough by the end of it and it took at least 3 – 5 washes with a ton of conditioner for it to get back to normal!

But all in all i had great birthday at the Blue Lagoon and it is a must visit for a relaxing day in Iceland!

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