Travel to Amritsar!

Amritsar is known as abode of God but I would like to recommend also calling it “City of Butter & Delicious Food!”

Now that I am writing about my travel to Amritsar I can only think of different foods I ate instead of the places I visited.

There is one fond memory I have of a Dhaba we visited which was 100 years old “Kesar Da Dhaba”  (Vegetarian Only)

They had a table sharing system, food can be order half plate or full plate.

The waiter warned us to be prepared to have lots of ghee and it was true, my plate was full of ghee with delicious food.

Places we visited apart from this landmark,  Jallianwala Baug, Golden Temple, Wagah Border which is an hour away.

We will do another article soon about ALL the different places to eat and buy cute outfits from!

Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi



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