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Pregnancy Style Ideas!

Hey Big Mama! We are so happy to hear about your good news, you look gorgeous btw and the glow is surreal, time to get some really comfortable clothing on and do whatever you want!


But what exactly is comfortable clothing for pregnant women?

Here’s a low down on how to dress fashionably during your pregnancy while staying comfortable! Don’t restrict yourself to the same long kaftans and gowns, there’s a lot more you can wear without looking like you wrapped your bedsheet around you.


1- Yoga Pants: Say Yes to Yoga Pants, add a loose tshirt to it with a scarf around your neck and voila you are comfortable and happy!

2- How about a cute dress with a belt? Wear a cute dress of your choice and accessorize with a belt right above your belly, just looks perfect.

belt dress wabi.jpg


3- Wear a pencil skirt- Yes, you can wear a pencil skirt and show off your bump proudly. Literally nobody will judge you gorgeous.

Kim K pencil skirt wabi.jpg

In Picture: Kim Kardashian


4- Sneakers with a dress- Wear a comfortable cotton dress with your sneakers, you need those feet relaxed.

nicky hilton sneaker dress wabi.jpg

In Picture: Nicky Hilton


5- Palazzo Pants- Palazzo pants are a winner, you can pair it with a long indian kurta and be relaxed all day!

kareena kapoor palazo wabi.png

In Picture: Kareena Kapoor Khan

6- Blazer look!- Wearing a long jacket is the best thing, imagine what you can do with it? Wear a short dress and cover up with a long blazer, wear your nightsuit and wrap yourself in a blazer. Who would know?

amal clooney long blazer wbai.jpg

In Picture: Amal Clooney

In the end all we want to say is, stay comfortable and happy in what you wear. Enjoy these blessed and powerful moments!


Until Next Time,

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