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London Travel Diaries

Hi everyone!

So this time I’m back to share my love for my most favorite city in the world-London! This city has my heart- everything about it is just gorgeous and so full of life! The bridges, buildings, the embankment, the alleys all have some kind of breathing life, it is a city that can make you fall in love.
This December I visited London for about ten days leading to Christmas eve and it was the best time of my life! I was travelling with my best friends for my graduation and that made the trip even more special. I don’t know if it’s the heat in India right now or just a feeling of extreme nostalgia, I have been missing London too much. So London in the summer and in the winter is like two completely different places. The vibe and the color of the city changes and so does its food!

Hyde park was lit up with the Winter wonderland fest and Regent Steet and Oxford Street were dazzling with Christmas lights! Although the weather was too cold sometimes, there was always hot chocolate and mulled wine available at every corner to make you feel warm and festive! It is like the whole world is out to celebrate. There are small Christmas markets in every part of the city and each one has something unique to offer. We especially loved the South bank Christmas market and Covent Garden was as usual at its best . There is so much I want to say about London, but in this article, I will just try to highlight one aspect of my love for the city- and that is its food! We tried some very new and amazing restaurants.- Hoppers (Sri Lankan) at St. Christophers Place, Kricket (Indian) & Kiln (Thai) at Soho, Opso (Greek) at Marlborough and Sticks and Sushi at Covent Garden were some fabulous discoveries! The food was authentic yet innovative and very very original! Ofcourse, I have to mention my all time favorite restaurant Dishoom, which has great food at any time of the day- be it after walking for hours on Oxford Street or after a lazy day, the food always cheers you up like nothing else!

Some other great places for a quick meal were Ippudo, The Melt Room (for a breakfast that keeps you full till night), The Kathi Roll company, the famous shake at Hamleys fifth floor, Four Seasons in China Town and ofcourse Mc Donalds and Wasabi! I should not forget Duck and Waffle which is one of the few places that serves food till late in the night and has a very chic ambience with a complete city view! Icecreams and desserts in general were delicious everywhere but a few special places were Udderlicious, Said and SnowFlake! Also, not to miss are the pubs that transport you to a different time altogether- especially the ones in Covent Garden and Mayfair! Crosskeys, Grosvenor arms and O Neils were some of our favorites!

From food and pubs to musical shows and beautiful parks, London just has so much to offer- I think one can spend a lifetime there and still not be sure if they’ve seen enough. It is a city that celebrates its history and past and yet somehow manages to move ahead of its times! It is indeed a marvel and a place you can never truly leave!

Guest post by- Stuti Garg

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