Kylie Jenner Lipstick: Perfect Lipstick

So we thought we would never get pulled into this whole Kylie cosmetics fandom but make up is love and so we got involved with their lipstick, it changed my life!


The Matte liquid lipstick lasted ALL DAY LONG!

I ate, I drank and yet I did not have to re apply !

The Lip kit comes with a lip liner which hasn’t been used by me yet, another time.

I got a spice colour which is pretty dark so if it fades it would come in notice, it was excellent to use. Taste was a bit funky but did not last too long post application.Pigmentation: The pigmentation is fairly good. The liquid lipstick goes on glossy to settle into a matte finish.

So, we loved this lipstick, what did you think of it?

PS: Dry Lips should beware as it becomes too dry to a matte consistency post application which might not work for you.


Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi



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  1. I want to try but I’m not sure I can break my bank account even more! Great post. I’m back to blogging after taking a break so it would mean a lot if you went to check out my most recent post. Xx


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