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TV Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix With Your Friends!

A quality girls’ night in is a requirement for every girl regardless of her age. A time for you to just unwind, hang with your besties with some binge worthy snack, alcohol (is optional!) and of course Netflix! Well to help you really unwind and have an awesome girls night in we at wabisabi have put together a list of our favourite pairings…Netflix TV show to binge watch + the right snack + the right drink = the perfect girls night in!

So here is our list of top 5 shows on Netflix that you have to watch with your besties!

1. Gossip Girl
Yes, we know this is an oldie but trust us for the night in with the girls. Imagine gossip, fashion & eye candy all together with a good story line and you know Gossip Girl is for you! Blair & Serena do give us #BestieGoals
You can pair this with yummy cosmopolitans & some sweet potato fries to bing on. This will be a night of gossip, tv & fun!

2. Gilmore Girls
Well if you are in the mood for some feel good TV and are looking for something cozy & reliable then Gilmore Girls is for you! Let Lorelie & Rory will entertain you make you laugh & cry. So ensure you have some pizza and some wine to enjoy while watching this show!

3. Jane The Virgin
If you and your girls enjoy telenovellas then binge watching Jane The Virgin is just for you! All the characters Jane, Rafael, Alba, Rogerio etc are all loveable and relatable in their own way. So to binge watch get a pitcher of sangria and some nachos and you will be all set!

4. The Crown
For a night of drama and history binge watching the crown is perfect! Ensure to combine it with a some scotch and some sandwiches cause this is one series you will not be able to stop watching!

5. The Good Place
A girls night in is filled with laughter and fun and this show provides just all that. Do watch it with some beer and burgers and just get ready to have a good time!

If you have any shows you want to add this list do share!


Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi



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