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Most Expensive T-shirt Brands

Cool tees paired with a pair of jeans is the best dress code that exudes comfort and coolness in a casual attire. Comfortable tees have become a must haves of every wardrobe. Another reason that attributes to the popularity is that they can be worn on any occasion, unlike earlier times when a t-shirt was worn only when playing cricket or polo.
For the up market brand lovers who don’t have an issue with pricing, here is the list of the top most expensive t-shirts brands.

1)D&G : This brand belongs to Milan.It is the most expensive brand for casual t-shirts starting from $500.They have stylish and unique prints which are known for the amazing texture.
2)Prada : The famous brand belongs to Milan.Widely available all over the world and known for providing comfortable casual clothing for the people.
3)Versace : The famous brand of Milan which provides trendy casuals and formal wear t-shirts.Its highly comfortable.So what are you waiting for,Go get yours.
4)Louis Vuitton : Founded in the year 1854, the label offers shoes, ready-to-wear, watches and other accessories. In 2012, the brand was named as the most valued brand in the world and still owns the market.
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5)Fendi : It is the world famous brand of Italy.It introduces new designs according to the latest trends.Are you a Fendi lover?
So how many do you have ??Be ready to splurge!!
Happy Shopping!!
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