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#DayOfTheGirl.. Fashion Girl!

Last time we spoke about how blogging for fashion has become a task, well today is the day I’m going to speak out about a few responses i’ve got from friends & family.

As a blogger people talk to me about a lot of issues we should write on, then go on to know about what my blog is all about, followed by judgement on “oh typical”

Since when did it become a crime to be a Luxury & Fashion blogger?

On this day I as a girl would like to point out a few women who know fashion & also are smart. Being a fashion blogger is not only talking about fashion, it’s about acknowledging art, understanding what style suits who, appreciating the art behind luxury products, getting to understand features and be ahead of other bloggers constantly.

It’s time along wih #MeToo we also stop judgement of any kind on women & their profession, had this been a man writing about fashio it would be appreciated as a task, he would be worshipped for being so updated about fashion & luxury products.

Fashion & Luxury is a non judgemental art & should be acknowledged by others as same.

As I said here are a few women who know fashion & are smart as well!

Amal Clooney:

Hillary Clinton

Emma Watson

& last but not the least, Queen Of people’s hearts & truly a woman with brains

Princess Diana

So what do you think about your struggle for today & how would you deal with it?

Tell us in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

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