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4 Island Phi Phi Tour Review!

Here I am with my next phase of Thailand trip review, as promised a easy to read article to help you choose whether to go or not.

It’s a NO! Don’t go for this and waste your time puhhlease!

What’s the trip about?

Every single agent will stick this trip & 2 other day trips.

Includes: Snorkeling wear, Safety gear, Lunch, Tea/Coffee, Fruits, Snacks, Water, Juices

They take you on 4 different islands through speedboat with a group of people total of 10

Speedboat is a benefit over longboat for only one reason i.e because it’s faster and I’m glad it is because this day tour couldn’t end sooner.

Honestly I read reviews on this and had made up my mind not to do this at all but my partner wanted to go for it coz snorkeling with coral view OH MAH GAWD! Right? You’d think so but like I told him at the end of the tour, “I told you so”

Islands: Monkey Island

Maya Bay (shut for the season)

White Beach

Ko Phi Phi Dome (lunch)

Some island for a swim in deep sea

Then snorkeling with coral view

We started our trip at 9am with a humorous brother sister duo hosting us, first we went to a White Sand Beach with 30minutes to chill, everybody headed for the sea because it was so hot. Before you could relax or see the place we had to head back to the boat.

Next we headed to Monkey Beach

Yaaayyy monkeys, trying to act innocent so we offer them food or water. We were warned about this, I saw monkey families that were chilling, watching us, stealing hats

Yup that me, just posing with a longboat.

15minutes halt, rush rush to the boat after this 1 picture.

Next we headed to Ko Phi Phi Dome for lunch, it’s become 1 now.

I got cold water so far, expected Phi Phi to have a good lunch. We were informed to eat light because we had to go swim in the ocean & then snorkeling.

We were taken to a hotel at the bay, 45minutes break. There was a buffet with alot of different tour groups.

Terrible food, I should’ve gone to anothee resto at the beach itself.

After this experience and so far the two islands that I barely saw we were taken for a deep ocean swim experience. They provided us with floating gear (delivered 1 thing they promised)

The ocean was deep, if you are a pro swimmer please go for it or else don’t even try.

I regularly swim but this freaked me the hell out. I got in and had to in a desperate attempt to save myself because the ocean was pulling me down latching onto the boat. Some random dude had to come take me up back to the boat (he was hot so + points for the random group thing lol)

That’s some random couple smiling for the camera^^

Next were shown Maya Bay from afar, due to coral formations near the beach it is shut for the season, by law you cannot touch coral there.

Finally we went a little far away to snorkel, not deep water but shallow water, we were dropped off on the side which was a little deep. Provided with snorkeling gear,

That’s me^^

This was fun, I touched a fish like for real!

By now it was 5pm, I had no snacks, no juice.

We were given fresh watermelon & pineapple as snacks.

The tour ended and we were back to Railey beach, due to low tide we were stopped a little far and had to walk to the beach.

I was wet, hungr, tired, full of bad food & grumpy by the end.

The only good memory was snorkeling and touching that dam fish.

So please if you have alot of time in hand get a longboat and go to these locations, all the beaches look the same!

Go get a beer and just chill, don’t waste your time here!

Next a bit about my trip to Krabi!

Until Next Time,

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