2017 Winter Style

Winter is Coming! No we aren’t talking about Game of Thrones but actual winter brrrrrr is coming. So wherever you may be its time to dust of your winter jacket and air out your sweaters!
We have put together a set of looks and tips that might inspire your winter look!
Psstt….These tips can work well for work or for play 😛
Layering is my favourite go to in winter. Instead of wearing bulky and thick winter wear, what works really well for me is layering up. A simple tank below my top, a thin sweater. A wrap around cardigan and a jacket with a scarf. This works really well cause the temperature fluctuates during the day and i can easily remove or add layers whenever.
An over-size scarf can go a long way! It dramatises the outfit the right amount and makes it look dressy.
We love Faux Fur. It just adds the right amount of Oomph to your outfit. A jacket with faux fur is an amazing must have in your closet! For inspiration
A comfy sweater in any colour makes your outfit Pop. If it doesnt get too cold where you stay you can just wear that sweater as an oversize top.
You can even add a denim jacket to this outfit to give it a cool chic look.
So what did you think? Any of your go to looks featured here? Or any ideas to add?


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Luxury Valentine

Top 10 Gift Ideas for the man you want to pamper because they deserve to have a special day too.

1- Blue De Chanel



When a man enters a room it’s the first fragrance that your mind imprints, gift him the perfect fragrance this Valentine’s Day.

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2- Versace Padded Double Front Biker Jacket



We are loving how this jacket makes us feel!

Grab him tight on your bike journey while he takes over the streets in this jacket.

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3- Harley Davidson Rocker

Valetines 3.PNG

Every man dreams of a Harley Davidson, you know he wants it!

Match this with your Versace jacket and what follows next.

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4-  Versace Statement Sunglasses



Take on the road with these and there is no looking back, watch him stand out from the rest.

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5- Hikon- Leather Boots (Hugo Boss)

valentines 5.PNG

We are loving how these leather boots look, Hugo Boss specialises in custom made footwear because no outfit is complete without the perfect shoes.

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6- Girogio Armani Brief Case


Say good bye to his roll over bag, get this brief case and add a classic edge to his casual style.

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7- Dolce & Gabbana – Floral Jacuard Suit

valentines 7.PNG

Wheni n doubt, Suit up!

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8- Dolce & Gabbana- Leather Wallet

valentines 8.PNG

Make his wallet funky this Valentines Day! Loving the personalised design on this one.

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9- Comfort Skinny Jeans- Dolce & Gabbana

valentines 9.PNG

Comfort is sometimes all a man needs, these comfort stretch jeans to let him breathe as he moves, they pair very well with the wallet.

10- Handmade Gifts

Still in a fix about what to get him? Worry not, a customised handmade gift is worth more than any amount you spend. Make something for him this Valentine’s Day.

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Did you have something else in mind? Tell us what you gifted him this Valentine’s Day in the comment section below!

Until next time,

WabiSabi 🙂