10 bag wardrobes you must have!

We love our precious bags and it seems fit to only have a wardrobe dedicated to it!

Here are our Top 10 bag wardrobes every girl must have!

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We hope you love these wardrobe looks and keep your precious bags safe!

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Must Have Shoulder Bags!

As you all are aware we are obsessed with bags & all things nice. Someone in our team is investing in a shoulder bag but doesn’t know which one to buy or rather is confused and we realised that a lot of other girls must be contemplating the same decision.
So we have put together the top 5 that we have selected! Vote for the one you love and we will convince her to buy it!
Embroidered Boy Chanel
From the latest collection of Chanel (read our review here)
This is embroidered Boy Chanel is an exceptional piece. We love the embroidered look which was a part of the entire collection and can make any outfit look feminine.
GG Marmont Velvet Chain Shoulder Bag
The soft structure, the over large flap size and the cute heart in the stitching behind are some of the reasons we loved this bag. Also it breaks the traditional monotony of black with this beautiful Petrol Blue Velvet colour that we just love!
Louis Vuitton Wight
lv .jpg
It’s a great day to evening bag with an amazing Bordeaux down the centre that just adds to the elegant look of the bag. The Gold chain handle are adjustable making it either a cross body or a shoulder bag thus making sure you get your moneys worth. And even though it might look small it is very spacious
Prada Cahier Bag
This Calf Leather Bag with animal print details and an oversize snake gold buckle in the front just stole our heart. We love all the little details and the size is just right for a shoulder bag. The two compartments in the bag make it easy to store the essentials when going out and with a Black and Gold combination you can never go wrong!
Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag
We loved the colour and the shape of the Faye Shoulder Bag. It has a cool 70s vibe to it. The ring loop with hook and chain is something that caught our eye and makes this bag stand out. It transitions amazingly well from day to evening! 
So which bag should she get! tell us in the comments below

Footwear you’ve got to LOVE!

I know we at wabi-sabi are obsessed with handbags but we are actually obsessed with ALL THINGS NICE and that includes your shoes too!
So I was speaking to a few friends of mine and the topic slowly drifted to Footwear and we started listing the Dream List For Footwear.
So here is our Dream List rather wish-list, honey are you reading this? ;P
1) Manolo Blahnik
manolo blahnik
Manola Blahnik is synonymous with incredible footwear. These are the most sought-after shoes in the world.
2) Louis Vuitton
A staple of any fashionista’s closet, Louis Vuitton shoes are sure to turn heads wherever you go.
3) Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin is known for their high heels and iconic red soles. Invest in these, you could never go wrong with a pair of classic Louboutins!
4) Jimmy Choo
Shoes that are artistic and a brand worn by many celebrities. A pair of Choos are like a piece of art for your feet!
5) Alexander McQueen
A luxury shoe line that is both cutting edge and classic at the same time. It combines the beauty and elegance of 16th century design with the modern looks and practicality we have today.
6) MiuMiu
miu miu
Fashionable & Comfortable? Colourful and artistic? Then Miu-Miu is for you!
They were the first ones to introduce stylish and luxurious ankle shoes to the world. Given that their collections are mostly funky; the brand is super famous in girls.
7) Brian Atwood
If you want A pair of shoes that make people stop and stare then Brian Atwoods are for you! Made in Italy and known for their excellent craftsmanship and superior quality the shoes make your legs look longer!
8) Deeasjar:
Deeasjer’s bespoke luxury shoes are hand-made in London, designed with passion and are unique to you. Deeasjer’s shoes are tailor-made to match your personality.
9) Stuart Weitzman
Stuart Weitzman is known for its one-of-a-kind, million-dollar shoes. The company’s trademark is the use of unique materials not usually used for shoemaking.
10) Gucci
Gucci shoes are especially commended for its quality and comfort. So if that is your priority then these are for you!
If you could buy any pair in the world what would be on top of your list? Tell us in the comments below.
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10 Must Have Accessories Every Man Should Be Carrying

We all need to get our accessories game on. So we at Wabisabiluxury have compiled a quick style guide of the must have accessories every man should be carrying this year!
Even though the number of accessories available for men are much lesser than that for women, we thought that shouldn’t stop you from looking your stylish best. So this list should help you look stylish all year long!


1) Watch: To add that oomph factor to any look. The perfect watch is a must! Though everyone is now moving towards the digital watch we at WabiSabiLuxury find a winding watch very romantic.

If you are looking to invest in a new watch might we suggest: the Rolex or the Breitling

Watch 2 - Rolex
Rolex Daytona Avatar

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watch 3

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2) Sunglasses: The sun is out & now it’s the perfect time to find a great pair of shades. The most important thing before buying a pair of glasses is determining your face shape whether it is round, oblong, square, triangular or oval. Once you have figured out your face shape, next step is picking glasses that will compliment your features.

If you are planning to buy a new pair of shades, make sure that you buy either Ray Ban or Barkley.

Sunglassses 2
Barkleys – Antique Shale Fade with Green-Grey lenses

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Sunglassses 1

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3) Belt: Whether it is a casual wear or a formal wear, a look isn’t complete without one thing i.e. Belt. Be it a job interview or an important business meeting where you can’t really show off your wardrobe, a good belt is enough to show off your fashion credentials. They could be worn with jeans, chinos, shorts and trousers, makes it one of the important things every man should have in his closet.

No brands comes close to Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana when it comes to men’s belt.

Belt 1
Gucci Leather belt with double G buckle

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Belt 2
DOLCE & GABBANA logo buckle belt

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4) Wallet: How about keeping the one who makes it affordable for you to look stylish at a classy place? Yes, we are talking about money here. How about having a neat, stylish & classy place for all the credit cards, atm cards, visiting cards, identity cards you own? If you’ve had the same wallet since ages, perhaps it is time to invest in something a little more elegant & presentable.

There are a lot of wallet brands in the market right now but Coach & Hermes are our picks.

wallet 2
Hermes Citizen Twill compact wallet

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wallet 1
Coach SLIM billfold wallet in patchwork leather

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5) Cuff Links: Cuff links is an often ignored element of style amongst men. A man can give his look an edge over others at workplace or even at the parties or events by simply having classy cuff links around his wrists.

Finding an attractive yet simple cufflink is a tough job. So we are trying to make it easier for you guys with our picks.

Nordstorm Check Round Cuff Links

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Cuffins 1
Cufflinksinc Gold Knot Cufflinks

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6) Pocket Square: Pocket Square adds a sense of gentlemanism to a man’s outfit. Pocket squares are often not given as much importance as it should get. The fabric of pocket square should look rich & depending on your look, there are different ways to fold a pocket square to match your mood.

If you are looking for a perfect pocket square, make sure that it’s Alexander Olch.

Pocket Square 1

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Pocket Square 2

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7) Bag: All the men out there, keep your style game on point and just like your t-shirts & shirts, have a collection of different bags can be carried anywhere to enhance your look. Why spending so much effort to look sharp only to ruin it all with an average-looking bag? Be it a lavish leather bag for office or a funky bag to college, add that little extra to your look.

Here are our favourite strap bags that will never fail to grab people’s attention. It’s time to look sharper.


Bag 1
GUCCI 16″ GG Authentic Italy Dk Blue Messenger Leather Shoulder Strap Bag Mens

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Bag 2
Troubadour Fabric & Leather Weekender

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8) Scarf: A lot of men think that scarves are for ladies & they avoid even being in the 100 meter radius of the scarves section in the malls. Men need to understand that it does not only keep your neck warm but a simple rectangle of fabric could do wonders to your overall look.

You could get scarves anywhere with different big as well as local brands but these are our personal favourites.

scarf 2

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scarf 1
BURBERRY checked scarf

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9) Pen: We understand that digitalization has replaced mobiles with pens & there is no need of a pen to note down anything but will a mobile phone ever replace the man’s look that a fountain pain in his shirt pocket gives? We don’t think so.

Have a look at these fountain pens which will perfectly fit into your shirt pockets & enhance your overall look.

pen 1

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pen 2
Montblanc Meisterstück Platinum-Coated LeGrand Rollerball

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10) Socks: The best thing about socks is that you are allowed to experiment with them with the least amount of risk of someone noticing your experiment. When it comes to formal wears, socks add a simplicity to your look.









We hope we covered your favorite accessory, if not tells us in the comments section below.


Team WabiSabi