Self Drive: New Zealand

Hiiiiiii guyssss….

I wrote about my amazing Spa experience in New Zealand, here i’m going to be talking about the best experience I had there: Self Drive!


Nothing like driving through smooth clean roads with green plush gardens full of farm animals in scenic backdrop.


Auckland —- Rotorua —- Te Anua –flight to– Queenstown —- Wanaka —- Franz Josef


We drove all the way from Auckland airport to Rotorua lake, to Te Anua. Our car was rented from Apex Car Rentals, their customer service was nothing but amazing.

Driving through these small towns we faced issues with parking, google maps helped find our locations.

You have to take a flight from Auckland for Queenstown, which means you go to Te Anua and come back to Auckland for your flight, in Queenstown we had the most amazing time, driving from Queens town to Wanaka, sitting by the lake on your car bumper with take away food and silence and driving to Franz Josef was a moment I will cherish forever.



Stay tune for more of our updates on New Zealand here.

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Chanel- 2018 Spring Collection

Absolutely in love with Chanel 2018 Ready to Wear Collection.

The entire show set with a backdrop of waterfalls, mixing a texture of water, beauty and colours that make you feel relaxed got us awestruck. I like that the show was a bit extra!

Chanel known for never going overboard, sophisticated and with intricate designs has come up yet again with a collection that will make you feel beautiful by just looking at it.

Here are a few looks from their collection:

look 2

look 4

This yellow outfit strangely gives me a 60’s girl vibe.

look 3

look 5

I’m totally imagining a curled hair tied up look with loud eyeliner and mascara on this blue outfit.

look 1


So what do you think of the collection? Yay or Nay? Tell us in the comments below!

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Shoes: Hero of your outfit!

Hello Lovelies!
So after we listed all our favourite shoes. Incase you missed it click here “Shoes you’ve got to love”
We put our heads together to understand if you don’t want to invest in really expensive shoes what are the different things you could do to Make your shoes stand out!!
So we tried a couple of different styles and did some research, here’s what we found out.
1- Whenever you wear a sold dark colour dress, a pair of contrast heels will do the job to make your outfit look formal and chic.
2- To make a statement with your shoes you can always add a rhinestone or lace shoe clips. Absolutely Audrey has some amazing ones
2- Incase of ankle tie up shoes. You can replace the normal ties with beautiful silk scarfs or ribbons.
ribbon shoes.jpg
3- If you aren’t a heels type of a girl you can always pair a cute dress with sneakers. This is always a hit!
sneakers dress
4- If you love slippers and want to spruce your slippers up. Have a look at this:
You can add whatever you like on the slippers, PomPoms, Rhinestones etc.
5- For sneaker lovers you can up your sneaker game by adding funky stickers to solid colour shoes.
6- Sometimes a statement anklet can also add the Oomph to your shoes!
Have you tried any of these? Or any other suggestions? Comment below!!

Nespresso On!

We got gifted a Nespresso Machine for our birthday!!!!
You all know that we are obsessed with coffee and this birthday gift was the best ever, so we decided to review it.

The machine we got is the CITIZ&MILK CHERRY RED COFFEE MACHINE, it has an integrated milk frother and it is an absolute dream! We assembled it in 10 mins and next we were deciding what to have.


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Plus Point:
Super EASY to use and you can make a variety of different coffees with it.

T​he machine comes with pods​ so we had a variety of different flavours to choose from.
​In addition they sent us the Nespresso Limited Edition Iced Capsules; Intenso on Ice!!​ *ice ice baby*
So with this machine you can either make your cuppa with a espresso (single shot) or a lungo (double shot), the coffee though is hot when its poured from the machine.
The frother is amazing, it has demarkations to tell you how much milk to pour for a latte or for a capuccino and it heats the milk or it can cool it based on your requirement. (Our team loves the cold one though, boss you the best!)
​We each tried a coffee,
Hot ‘Livanto’ capuccino flavour:
​This is the caramel flavour so it is a little sweet. The blend of Central and South American Arabicas is medium roast and it brings out a very balanced flavour. It isn’t too strong and has that yummy freshly brewed smell!
Intenso On Ice!
This was a bit strong for my taste but it was appreciated by the rest of the team. The Iced coffee though was very smooth and we added some frothed milk to the mix.
Coffee ice on
To keep your machine clean ensure you buy the Descaling Kit and use it after every 100 pods to clean the machine.
Other than that it easy to maintain you just need to wash the frother and the pod despenser whenever you use it.
​And to store all the pods I have bought the ​Touch Sleeve Dispenser!
Which coffee do you prefer? Tell us in the comments below!
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Instagram Shopping Love!

Hello Lovelies!

We are currently in love with an Instagram store for their super cute Indian accessories!

Jhumkas, danglers, head pieces, necklace basically everything pretty, cute, stylish and with  a touch of India is what makes this store one of our favourites.

Here are a few pictures of the products we are ordering soon!


Beautiful tassle earrings

afghani piece.PNG

Afghani set, this would work wonders with a super simple outfit and make you stand out.


hand bracelet.PNG

Hand harness, imagine a simple top with a printed skirt or simple palazzo and this to accessorise your hands? Totally loving this!

If you wish to accessorise your outfit with the right style, at an affordable price and get a super friendly seller who can guide you with what would be best for you then Shringarshoppe is the place for you!

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Have any Instagram account that we should check out? Tell us in the comments below!

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Bag Organisation: Top 4 Tips & Tricks

Hello bag addicts!
If you are anything like me then your entire world is in your bag and if that is the case
that means, it’s most often messy cramped and feels like it weighs a ton; in addition it gets dirtier too fast.
So I was going through the same thing. But then,  I decided that I am going to address this head on!
Before I list my Top 4 Tips & Tricks down here’s a bit about the type of bags and things I carry:
– Totes or large bags
– Everything from chapsticks to hair brushes, make up, books and pens for meetings, money perfume, coffee cup (YASS!), loose change, keys, jewellery, sanitizer, chewing gum, headphones, cellphone, charger, sunglasses etc. my essentials.
If the above is also what you carry in your bag then below are my Top 4 Tips & Tricks to sort our ever messy bag:
1. You need to separate and group your items into categories:
This helps you group them together and put them into various pouches, this way you can access them easily.
2. Separate your essentials:
I have a wallet in which I keep cash and coins and in a separate card holder I have essentials like my Id proof that is easily visible so I don’t have to keep removing it and thus in turn loosing it. I also keep my Starbucks card in the card holder for easy access. Don’t forget to keep a bit of emergency cash in it as it is so easy to just shift that into a small bag for the night.
3. Ensure you have compartmentalised wallet.
Even though we have segregated the id proof and Starbucks card into the card holder a compartmentalised wallet helps organise your cash/ coins and cards effectively to ensure that you find whatever you want whenever you require it.
4. Keep your makeup separate:
Here’s what happened, when I thought of segregating my stuff in pouches I got a pouch which stored my basic regular makeup, cards as well as house keys. A wallet which had my cash, important credit card/debit card etc.
Disaster struck, my lip gloss leaked and my Starbucks card, house keys were completely covered in icky yucky shiny gloss.
Keep two pouches or get a pouch which has compartments inside for you to separate stuff.
We love amazon collection of pouches!
So what do we always say? Have more tips, tell us in the comments below!
Until Next Time,
Team WabiSabi

Black Bags- Little or Big

The way a Little Black Dress (LBD) is a must – have in every girls closet, the same way A Black Bag – Little or Big, completes that closet.
A Black bag is a versatile accessory that will never go out of style.
Versatile, classic, and professional-but-chic, the black handbag is a must in every woman’s closet. If you’re looking to invest in one purse, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of bags from which you can choose. 
1. Chanel Flap Bag
chanel bag
2.Chloe Drew Bag
chloe drew bag
3. Celine Luggage Tote
celine luggage tote
4. Saint Lauren High School Saddle Bag
saint lauren high school saddle
5. Saint Lauren Monogram Shoulder Bag
saint lauren monochrome bag.jpg
6. Hermes Constance Bag
Hermes Constance
7. Louis Vuitton Louise
Louis Vuitton Louise
8. Gucci
gucci bag.jpg
Have you found the perfect Black Bag yet? Remember to share it with us by hashtagging your favourite Black Bag – Big Or Little pictures to #BBLoveWabiSabi

Vacay Ready Beach Bags

Don’t you hate it when you go to the beach but you don’t have the bag to match your outfit? Beach Bags are an essential part of any holiday wardrobe and something we are sure to pack when we’re getting ready for a few days of beach sun fun! If you like pom poms, tassels, classic straw or if you prefer something sturdy, don’t worry we at wabisabi have got you covered and have compiled a list of Beach Bags to inspire you and get you beach ready!

LA PERLA ‘Beach’ bag


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6 Shore Road Beach Bag


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Emilio Pucci Lance Printed Canvas Beach Tote Bag


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Sam Edelma Sierra Straw Beach Tote


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Flora Bella Neptune Pompom Beach Tote Bag



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Stella McCartney Horses Beach Bag

horse bag

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DOLCE & GABBANA Dolce Box embellished rattan shoulder bag


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Saint Laurent Beige Large Beach Tote


Melissa Odabash  Marrakesh Large Beach Tote
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Flora Bella Fes Macrame Fringe Beach Tote Bag
On vacation anything goes, but pair bronzed skin with a great bathing suit​ and the perfect beach bag and you can’t go wrong.

Share your vacation pictures with us with #vacaywithwabisabi
Tell us in the comment section below which one is your favorite? ​

Beach Wear Brands – You should know about!

Swimsuit season is upon us once again and whether you want to laze by the pool, surf or just tan; stylish swim suits are a necessity.
Well, we have a swimsuit for every occasion. Here is a list of WabiSabi Luxury blogs top beachwear brands to get you ready for this 2017 summer!


Flagpole a New York-based luxury brand was founded in 2013 by designers Megan Balch and Jaime Barker. The Flagpole collection is meant to empower.

‘A woman who wears Flagpole is bold and active, resonating poise, style and self-confidence.’

If this resonates with you, then Flagpole is the right brand for you. The suits are beautifully made with the best Italian fabrics. They look stunning poolside but are strong enough to withstand a day of catching waves. The fits are excellent and the colors are refreshingly chic.


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Lilliput & Felix:

Lilliput and Felix are super well known for swimwear, beachwear, and accessories that are so stunning, they often look like haute couture – but they are not. These pieces are wearable and versatile and really kind of marvelous. Seriously, this is the swimwear you splurge on when you want an Instagram-worthy summer.


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Mikoh is the collaboration of sister duo oleema and kalani miller. Mikoh is synonymous with feminity, beauty and strength. The line fuses statement prints and colors from around the world with luxurious fabrics and modern fits. Each bikini is seamless and hardware-free, designed to easily mix and match for one-of-a-kind styles. The collection has grown to include swimwear, ready-to-wear beach cover-ups, clothing for the traveler and the dreamer, and mikoh x surf, a line of surf-ready pieces in smartly cut neoprene. Mikoh is a vision of swimwear .
MIKOH’s whole swimwear range is lovely with a definite Hawaiian feel but it’s their surfwear that grabbed our attention


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This Austrailian swimwear brand is one of the most popular swimwear brands of the last couple of years. Celebrities, bloggers and bikini lovers from all over the world are showing their colorful neoprene Triangl bikini on Instagram. And it looks like they ain’t gonna stop anytime soon. Some of our favourites are below


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Handmade in Australia, peony swimwear is made using the most luxurious Italian Lycra to deliver a superior quality and fit.
Peony Swimwear sticks to three simple prints: black and white stripes, polka dots, and the occasional muted floral.
Bikinis are sold separately, so you can mix-and-match between the three prints


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Made By Dawn:

Hawaiian-born surfer and former model Dawn Peterson has turned her hand to design with her own label Made By Dawn. Her luxury swimwear designs feature petite ruffles, soft feminine colours and elegant cuts.


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Marysia suits are instantly recognizable, thanks to their girly but sophisticated scallop and zig-zag details. Every bikini’s scallop shape is cut by hand.
Marysia Reeves brings quality fabrication and sophistication to her line Marysia Swim. She also has children’s line called Bumby.


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She Made Me:

She Made Me, an Austrailian handmade Crochet Swimwear and Resortwear brand designed by Chloe Dunlop. Every She Made Me piece is skilfully hand crocheted in limited quantities by local artisans in Bali, who work from their homes in villages throughout the island.

“She Made Me is about the girl and the way she makes you feel,” says Chloe. “She is effortless, beautiful, confident and she can make people feel different things – love, lust, admired, respected.”


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Bikyni, the brainchild of former Reformation COO Jude Al-Khalil, is an online swimsuit retailer that launched in 2015 offers classic styles in quality fabrics without an inflated price tag.
The collection is entirely made in Los Angeles from imported high quality Italian fabrics.
The central idea of Bikyni is simple: offer clean, minimalist swimwear that comes in classic styles with a little modern flair. The suits are made with classic lines and come almost exclusively in simple colors–only a few styles come in prints like ginghams and florals.


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Lenny Neimeyer:

Lenny Niemeyer is a Brazilian designer of luxury swimwear. Her bikinis are created for great fit and unique style. Lenny Swimwear is known around the world. Her name has been associated with elegant, high-class swimwear. Lenny now operates 18 stores in Brazil, and her swimwear and fashion accessories are exported to continents throughout the world, including North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


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Vitamin A Swim:

Who wears Vitamin A swimwear?   Trendsetters such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, and Halle Berry. The company launched in 2000 and introduced what is known today as the Californian Cut. This brand is known for beautifully constructed bikinis, one pieces, tankinis, and cover-ups – even adding hats to the collection now


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Founded in 2002 and made in Columbia, Maaji brings the evolution of a trend with both a strong retro emphasis and an eclectic romanticism to enchant women who want to feel pretty and comfortable with a laidback trendy style and a fresh attitude.


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Planning to buy any? Tell us which one!

Did we miss a brand you love? Tell us in the comments below 🙂

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