10 Gift Ideas For Him For this Valentines Day

Valentines Day Gifts are always tricky and confusing. So this year we at Wabisabi want to help all those looking for Gift Ideas with our list of ideas! We hope you find some inspiration from our list!
For a first pricey watch, go with something timeless The Air King recently returned to the Rolex line after being retired for a number of years.
The ultimate bag – he can throw in his locker and take to the office. Check out the Caraa sport Studio bag.
The world’s first automatic, all-grain homebrewing appliance, Picobrew – Home Brewing Machine  is basically a keurig for beer.
A pair of designer sneakers will become his new go-to. A pair Yeezys might just become his favourite
You can’t go wrong with a gift set from Montblanc!
6. A Pair of Sunglasses
A pair of sunglasses that transition from work wear to party wear. Classic 138 slim sunglasses by Saint Laurent are the perfect pick



A pair of sunglasses that transition from work wear to party wear. Classic 138 slim sunglasses by Saint Laurent are the perfect pick


The cabacity 45 Tote by Hermes is just the bag for him! The added bonus is that the leather is only going to get better with age


For the guy who never likes to miss an email and loves technology the iPad Pro is the best gift!


A package to watch the world cup in Russia. I’m sure you will be forever in his heart!


So what are you giving this Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments below!

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Sweat in style with Crunch Fitness !

Going to the gym is now incomplete without that pre work out and post work out selfies and work out boomerangs!
Psssttt…Yoga Peeps are you listening? 😛
For the days when wearing an oversize t-shirt & tying your hair in a bun is just not good enough we at crunch have put together ideas to help you spruce up your work out gear!
A pair of cute leggings can change the entire outfit!
We love the cross over styles & laced up styles. They are still feminine and cute and just make you want to work out right now!
For the serious Gym Look on a bad hair day. Look No further. Just wear a cute crop top, tights and tie your hair up with a cap. This outfit just says, I am ONLY here to Work out and I mean business!
It’s not just your clothes that make your Gym Look. Your Hair Game needs to be on point as well!
We love the braids & braided buns. These look cute and your holds your hair in place for the entire workout.
Headbands serve a dual purpose. They soak up the sweat and keep your hair in place. They make for a great work accessory! If you don’t have a headband a bandana works perfectly well as well!
And lastly a cute jacket or wrap with a hood always looks amazing for To + From
What is your activewear style share with us #MyFitStyle
We ate WabiSabi love all the styles above, crunch fitness really got it all!
Tell us if you love any style or have your own unique way in the comments below!

Chanel- 2018 Spring Collection

Absolutely in love with Chanel 2018 Ready to Wear Collection.

The entire show set with a backdrop of waterfalls, mixing a texture of water, beauty and colours that make you feel relaxed got us awestruck. I like that the show was a bit extra!

Chanel known for never going overboard, sophisticated and with intricate designs has come up yet again with a collection that will make you feel beautiful by just looking at it.

Here are a few looks from their collection:

look 2

look 4

This yellow outfit strangely gives me a 60’s girl vibe.

look 3

look 5

I’m totally imagining a curled hair tied up look with loud eyeliner and mascara on this blue outfit.

look 1


So what do you think of the collection? Yay or Nay? Tell us in the comments below!

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Denim Love!

Loving wearing ripped denims? Confused by the variety of torn denims & not sure how to style them?

Well look no further we at WabiSabi have put together the various ways you can style your ripped jeans from casual to formal. So you can wear them everywhere!

1.Sometimes a plain white tee and blue denims look amazing but if you want to take that look up a notch then read ahead..

ripped jeans

2. For the cool office look. Style your light blue denims with a dark blazer and a casual tee. This look works amazing especially for meetings!


3. If blazers aren’t your thing then you can wear a nice striped shirt with a cardigan on top.


4. Sometimes a long duster jacket just adds the right amount of Oomph to your outfit!  Choose a bright or solid loud colour this works amazingly well!


5. To give your denims a sexy look you can add lace to them.


6. The right pair of heels and some jewelery can make that casual pair look formal. For inspiraion:


So we are saying, don’t throw away those jeans. Style them up with these handy tricks!

Have any more ideas? Tell us in the comments below!

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Shoes: Hero of your outfit!

Hello Lovelies!
So after we listed all our favourite shoes. Incase you missed it click here “Shoes you’ve got to love”
We put our heads together to understand if you don’t want to invest in really expensive shoes what are the different things you could do to Make your shoes stand out!!
So we tried a couple of different styles and did some research, here’s what we found out.
1- Whenever you wear a sold dark colour dress, a pair of contrast heels will do the job to make your outfit look formal and chic.
2- To make a statement with your shoes you can always add a rhinestone or lace shoe clips. Absolutely Audrey has some amazing ones
2- Incase of ankle tie up shoes. You can replace the normal ties with beautiful silk scarfs or ribbons.
ribbon shoes.jpg
3- If you aren’t a heels type of a girl you can always pair a cute dress with sneakers. This is always a hit!
sneakers dress
4- If you love slippers and want to spruce your slippers up. Have a look at this:
You can add whatever you like on the slippers, PomPoms, Rhinestones etc.
5- For sneaker lovers you can up your sneaker game by adding funky stickers to solid colour shoes.
6- Sometimes a statement anklet can also add the Oomph to your shoes!
Have you tried any of these? Or any other suggestions? Comment below!!

Instagram Shopping Love!

Hello Lovelies!

We are currently in love with an Instagram store for their super cute Indian accessories!

Jhumkas, danglers, head pieces, necklace basically everything pretty, cute, stylish and with  a touch of India is what makes this store one of our favourites.

Here are a few pictures of the products we are ordering soon!


Beautiful tassle earrings

afghani piece.PNG

Afghani set, this would work wonders with a super simple outfit and make you stand out.


hand bracelet.PNG

Hand harness, imagine a simple top with a printed skirt or simple palazzo and this to accessorise your hands? Totally loving this!

If you wish to accessorise your outfit with the right style, at an affordable price and get a super friendly seller who can guide you with what would be best for you then Shringarshoppe is the place for you!

Shop Now

Have any Instagram account that we should check out? Tell us in the comments below!

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The Face Shop: Mung Bean Face Mask

Hello Gorgeous!

As promised here is our review for the face shop face mask, I have 14 of these which means there are a variety of reviews coming your way soon.

What does the brand promise?

The Mungo Bean Real Nature Face Mask leaves skin clear and radiant. In just a couple of minutes, it helps eliminate impurities that clog your pores, to leave your skin dazzling.



What it delivers?

So my dehydrated skin wanted something extra to feel fresh and breath, I put this mask on for 20 mins and voila!

It is a bit messy to remove this mask from the packaging, very easy to tear if you have nails like mine, it has a very mild fragrance nothing that will irritate your nose.

Once you manage to put the mask on and relax it start drying up and becoming a part of your skin, no liquid drops on anything after application. Removing it is easy too, unlike the disaster charcoal mask videos.

Your skin feels fresh and quiet smooth post this mask, I would not recommend applying one pack daily though as it spoils your natural skin texture.

Which face mask should we review next? Aloe Vera or Avocado?

Tell us in the comments below!

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Tripping in Paris !

Hellooooooooo !

I went tripping to Paris with my husband and my boss thinks I should totally write about it, so here goes my first article.

Last summer, my husband and I visited “La Ville Lumiere” or “The City of Light” in May. We spent a week in Paris and a night in Bruges. Given the perfect mix of architecture, history, food, culture and fashion that Paris has to offer, spending a week there made us feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface!

So here are a few tips for anyone trying to make the most of their visit to this magnificent city!

A few key areas I would recommend visiting include Champs De Elysees, Le Marais, the Seine River, Monte Marte and Latin Quarter among others.

Areas/Places to see:

Champs de Elysees is the high-fashion street of Paris, which is filled with numerous luxury stores, cute cafes with the historic Arc De Triumphe on one end, which was built to honor Napoleon Bonaparte. Exploring this street on foot was an unforgettable experience etched in my memory.

Most luxury brands in Paris such as Louis Vuitton and Bottega Venetta are atleast twenty percent cheaper than the rest of the world, and with the VAT refund you could save some more! So if you’re feeling a little indulgent, Paris is the place to spoil yourself. On the other hand, if you are looking for some good discounts on high-end brands, make a trip to the Outlet Mall La Vallee Village; a forty minute ride from the city.

champs de elysees.jpg

A quick tip: If you want to make the most of your Paris trip, live close to a metro station given that the taxis are quite expensive.

Some interesting things to do at the Champs include

Catching a show of the Lido

Dining at my favourite Asian restaurant/lounge Koh. Incase you’re looking to grab a quick bite at a fast-food Italian joint, I would recommend Vapiano.

Le Marais is a labyrinth of cobblestone alleys; much like a West Village in Manhattan. Le Marias is flooded with hip designers, wine shops, old fashioned bread and desert shops. Le Marais is the place where you could look to buy some good paintings off the street.

If you’re looking for an amazing, wholesome breakfast which is freshly prepared, I would highly recommend Bob’s Kitchen. There avocado bagel and coffee is to die for. Looking for some great Falafel? Stop by at Las Du Falafel – they are probably better than the ones you have in Instanbul.


If you are an art lover, then definitely stop by at Musee Du Louvre. If you want to skip the long lines, book tickets online. To explore the museum in its entirety, allocate atleast five hours for your visit.

The Luxemburg Garden, River Seine Night Cruise, the Eiffel tower tour all the way to the top floor and Montemarte are other places to visit/things to do!

If you enjoy your dessert, then don’t forget to stop by at Angelina Paris for the best hot chocolate and macarons in town!

angelina paris.jpg

Sooooo i’m saying, I am pumped to write this article and want to know if you guys have any other recommendations for our travel?

Tell us in the comments below 🙂