Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration!

Valentine’s Day is right here and we got our Top 5 looks that you will love to rock this Valentine’s Day!

1- Red Suit: Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like the color red, and when it comes in the form of a tailored suit?


2- Furry look: Pairing a high-slit skirt with a furry coat. Mix and match shades of red for an eye-catching ensemble.


3- Pastel with Denim: Pastel pink and denim is a perfect outfit for a trip to the vineyards


4- Crop Top & High Skirt: This is a elegant yet classy pick for Valentine’s Day dinner!


5- Long dress with a Denim Jacket: This outfit is perfect for the girl who is casual but can rock a sophisticated look!



Here are our Top 5 looks, hope you look your best on your special day!

Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi


Celebrity Airport Game On Point!

Hello Lovelies!

We love travel and style, what do we love the most is when we mix the two together, which means Airport Style!

Here are our Top Celebrity Airport Styles which was on point!


  1. Cara Delevingne: All comfortable, snuggled up in layers for the long flight!



2.Angelina Jolie: With her kids on toe Angie was dressed in an overcoat with boots, minimal is good.

angelina jolie


3. Anushka Sharma: Jumpsuit is the way to go!

Anushka Sharma

4. Deepika Padukone: Simple and elegant, light clothes for the flight!

deepika padukone

5. Hugh Jackman: Not recommended for the long flight but this style for the man on his way to a business meeting is lit.

hugh jackman

6. Karan Johar: Here’s a Bollywood dude with a lot of swag yet comfortable, carry the jacket in a bag that’ll be perfect for when you step out over your simple co-ords.

karan johat

7. Priyanka Chopra: Bollywood to Hollywood diva always ready to take over the world, may it be airport or a walk she’s always dressed to take over!

priyanka chopra

8. Selena Gomez- We love this sweater and rugged denim look.

selena gomez

9. Sonakshi Sinha- The Sinha girl went basic with her airport style.

sonakshi sinha

10. Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens- This High School Musical couple is still giving us college feels with their super cute look.

zac effron

So here are our views on each look, you can pick whatever you love. Tell us in the comments below!

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Team WabiSabi



New Year Eve Outfit Inspiration

Searching for the perfect outfit and the perfect style?

We got you covered, here are our Top 5 outfit looks that’ll make heads turn and kickstart 2018 in style!

  1. Pair a lace top with fancy trousers and strappy heels.



2. Get a cute printed dress, style it with a cute hairstyle and get ready to take over that dance floor!



3. Velvet wrapped dress with boots and a smokey eye look.



4. Metallics are in this season, pair a metallic mini skirt with a light shade.



5. For those who hate sparkle, leather is your friend this New Year’s Eve.



Which one is your style pick this New Year’s Eve? Tell us in the comments below!


Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi


Louis Vuitton Spring 2018 Collection

All about royalty in modern times, with the grace and work of royalty with sneakers fit for tourists.

The new collection is fit for a cocktail night outfit and brings out to us what a woman would feel and progress we’ve made in modern times. Speaking afterward Ghesquiere’s said, “I thought anachronism was interesting, how today can we incorporate pieces considered as costume into an everyday wardrobe?”


The blazer gives us a fabulous feel, I would skip my gown and rock this at the next ballroom night.



We love the girl gone bad feel in elegance the outfits give us!

What do you think of the new collection? Tell us in the comments below.

Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi


Sweat in style with Crunch Fitness !

Going to the gym is now incomplete without that pre work out and post work out selfies and work out boomerangs!
Psssttt…Yoga Peeps are you listening? 😛
For the days when wearing an oversize t-shirt & tying your hair in a bun is just not good enough we at crunch have put together ideas to help you spruce up your work out gear!
A pair of cute leggings can change the entire outfit!
We love the cross over styles & laced up styles. They are still feminine and cute and just make you want to work out right now!
For the serious Gym Look on a bad hair day. Look No further. Just wear a cute crop top, tights and tie your hair up with a cap. This outfit just says, I am ONLY here to Work out and I mean business!
It’s not just your clothes that make your Gym Look. Your Hair Game needs to be on point as well!
We love the braids & braided buns. These look cute and your holds your hair in place for the entire workout.
Headbands serve a dual purpose. They soak up the sweat and keep your hair in place. They make for a great work accessory! If you don’t have a headband a bandana works perfectly well as well!
And lastly a cute jacket or wrap with a hood always looks amazing for To + From
What is your activewear style share with us #MyFitStyle
We ate WabiSabi love all the styles above, crunch fitness really got it all!
Tell us if you love any style or have your own unique way in the comments below!

Chanel- 2018 Spring Collection

Absolutely in love with Chanel 2018 Ready to Wear Collection.

The entire show set with a backdrop of waterfalls, mixing a texture of water, beauty and colours that make you feel relaxed got us awestruck. I like that the show was a bit extra!

Chanel known for never going overboard, sophisticated and with intricate designs has come up yet again with a collection that will make you feel beautiful by just looking at it.

Here are a few looks from their collection:

look 2

look 4

This yellow outfit strangely gives me a 60’s girl vibe.

look 3

look 5

I’m totally imagining a curled hair tied up look with loud eyeliner and mascara on this blue outfit.

look 1


So what do you think of the collection? Yay or Nay? Tell us in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Team Wabi Sabi.


Denim Love!

Loving wearing ripped denims? Confused by the variety of torn denims & not sure how to style them?

Well look no further we at WabiSabi have put together the various ways you can style your ripped jeans from casual to formal. So you can wear them everywhere!

1.Sometimes a plain white tee and blue denims look amazing but if you want to take that look up a notch then read ahead..

ripped jeans

2. For the cool office look. Style your light blue denims with a dark blazer and a casual tee. This look works amazing especially for meetings!


3. If blazers aren’t your thing then you can wear a nice striped shirt with a cardigan on top.


4. Sometimes a long duster jacket just adds the right amount of Oomph to your outfit!  Choose a bright or solid loud colour this works amazingly well!


5. To give your denims a sexy look you can add lace to them.


6. The right pair of heels and some jewelery can make that casual pair look formal. For inspiraion:


So we are saying, don’t throw away those jeans. Style them up with these handy tricks!

Have any more ideas? Tell us in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi


Bag Organisation: Top 4 Tips & Tricks

Hello bag addicts!
If you are anything like me then your entire world is in your bag and if that is the case
that means, it’s most often messy cramped and feels like it weighs a ton; in addition it gets dirtier too fast.
So I was going through the same thing. But then,  I decided that I am going to address this head on!
Before I list my Top 4 Tips & Tricks down here’s a bit about the type of bags and things I carry:
– Totes or large bags
– Everything from chapsticks to hair brushes, make up, books and pens for meetings, money perfume, coffee cup (YASS!), loose change, keys, jewellery, sanitizer, chewing gum, headphones, cellphone, charger, sunglasses etc. my essentials.
If the above is also what you carry in your bag then below are my Top 4 Tips & Tricks to sort our ever messy bag:
1. You need to separate and group your items into categories:
This helps you group them together and put them into various pouches, this way you can access them easily.
2. Separate your essentials:
I have a wallet in which I keep cash and coins and in a separate card holder I have essentials like my Id proof that is easily visible so I don’t have to keep removing it and thus in turn loosing it. I also keep my Starbucks card in the card holder for easy access. Don’t forget to keep a bit of emergency cash in it as it is so easy to just shift that into a small bag for the night.
3. Ensure you have compartmentalised wallet.
Even though we have segregated the id proof and Starbucks card into the card holder a compartmentalised wallet helps organise your cash/ coins and cards effectively to ensure that you find whatever you want whenever you require it.
4. Keep your makeup separate:
Here’s what happened, when I thought of segregating my stuff in pouches I got a pouch which stored my basic regular makeup, cards as well as house keys. A wallet which had my cash, important credit card/debit card etc.
Disaster struck, my lip gloss leaked and my Starbucks card, house keys were completely covered in icky yucky shiny gloss.
Keep two pouches or get a pouch which has compartments inside for you to separate stuff.
We love amazon collection of pouches!
So what do we always say? Have more tips, tell us in the comments below!
Until Next Time,
Team WabiSabi